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1 Trip with manual top up

Visuel de la Carte TRANSPASS

For all :1.40
- 20% :1.12
- 50% :0.70

Current rates of the 1st of february 2018

These rates are only available with the TRANSPASS card, by crediting a currency top-up of:
€0.70 - €1.40 - €5.00  - €10.00 ou €20.00

Manual top-up permits you to travel for 1 hour with connections on the Bus, Metro, Tramway network. At the end of this hour you stay in good until the end of your current movement.


Trip rates

- For all : €1.40

Trip -20% off : €1.12

Terms and Proof to present at a reception center with your TRANSPASS card:

  • Having from 6 to 10 years old 
  • Having less than 26 years old: pupils and students (school certificate or a copy of the student card of the current school year), intern training (certificate of training organization), apprentice (learning contract) or civic service in MPM area.
  • Large family child: Being of a large family (3 children minimum) and justifying "jeune" status.
  • Being a parent of 3 children at least, the last is less than 18 years old or 5 children of any age (present the original family book and give a copy)
  • Being military until the rank of senior officer cadet (copy of military card)

Trip -50% off : €0.70

Terms and Proof to present at a reception center with your TRANSPASS card:

  • Being the recipient of CMUC (Complementary Universal Health Coverage)
  • Having less than 26 years old : being a fellow student in college or high school (scholarship certificate)
  • Being unemployed and uncompensated under 26 years of age (notification of ARE refusal)
  • Being more than 65 years of age and reside: Marseille, Allauch or Plan de Cuques (discount granted by the RTM receiving agent on presentation of proof of address)



It is possible to top-up the TRANSPASS card in vending machines in the Metro and Tram, in RTM retail outlets, St Charles Station and Espace Clients Bourse as well as at RTM authorized dealers.