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Getting around



Several types of schedules are available: schedule a station, Schedules at all stop points, sheet schedule, Schedule of the Night network and schedules lines reinforced during school.


Choose your place and time of departure and arrival, we recommend the best route. Select your trip among several proposals.


We propose in this section all the types of plans that will help you to move to the RTM network: the network map, all bus, subway and tram maps, Maps of Districts surrounding the Metro and Tram stations, Reception centers and outlets and Maps an Schedule of the Night network.

Traffic news

Anticipate any disruption on your route (work, events, accidents ....). This information will enable you to adjust your route.

Park and Ride

RTM subscribers: Avoid downtown traffic jams, more delays due to traffic jams, simplify your life, use AT WILL RTM parkings at your disposal.

Rules and advice

RTM aims to make every effort to give you the benefit of a quality service. You will find below some rules and tips to travel in complete peace of mind and security.

St. Charles Bus Station

Since the 1st of january 2012, the management of the Saint-Charles bus station, an essential intermodal element in the town of Marseille, was entrusted to the RTM.

Water taxi

A direct link Vieux-Port - Pointe Rouge in 40 minutes without traffic and Vieux-Port / Estaque in 40 minutes.