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Islands, Beaches and Calanques

The islands of Marseille

The islands of Marseille... in a few words

Close to the Cornishe, the islands of Endoume and the islet des Pendus are facing the city. A few hundred yards away, a dozen islands and islets make-up two archipelagos: the archipelago du Frioul and the island of Château d’IF are facing the Vieux-Port, and further off the Calanques is the archipelago de Riou. Le Planier island which closes the harbor is a small island, dotted with shoals, it is a diving paradise.


The islands of Marseille... Transport

The islands du Frioul and Château d’If are served by shuttles from the dock of the Vieux-Port
Metro 1: Vieux-Port station

The beaches of Marseille

The beaches of Marseille... in a few words

The most well-known beaches of Marseille are the beaches of le Prado. Accessible by bus, bicycle or rollerblades, they are next to large grassed areas that will delight apprentice football players.
The Corniche Kennedy includes Les Catalans and Le Prophète beaches. Les Catalans beach is only 10 minutes away from the city-center. As for Le Prophète family friendly beach, its shallow waters on a long distance are its main advantage.
The dike rocks are home to a large submarine fauna. These beaches are the only ones covered with sand in Marseille, with the beach of La Pointe rouge.
Further west, the beaches of l’Éstaque and Corbière welcome you.
Corbière is a popular, family friendly beach. As for l’Éstaque, it is more of a stroll where one can taste “Chichis” and “Panisses” than a real beach. But it remains a spot of the city that cannot be ignored.


The beaches of Marseille... Transport

For Les Catalans beach: bus 81: Plage des Catalans Bus-stop
For Le Prophète beach: bus 83: Le Prophète Bus-stop
For Le Prado and La Pointe-rouge beaches: bus 19 and bus 47
For La Madrague and Les Goudes beaches: bus 20
For L’Éstaque and La Corbière beaches: bus 35

The Calanques of Marseille and Cassis

The Calanques of Marseille and Cassis... in a few words

After the Goudes, Callelongue is considered by the inhabitants of Marseille as “the world’s end”. A wild and rocky environment and a small harbor make of it a place to escape urban unrest. This is the starting point of The Calanques from Marseille to Cassis. Finally, The Calanques of Marseille cannot be overlooked. After walking in a wild landscape where white limestone cliffs and green pines meet, you’ll be rewarded with a swim in a Crystal clear water of a small creek. Morgiou, Sormiou, Marseilleveyre, Sugiton, many paradisiacal spots to be discovered and preserved.


The Calanques of Marseille and Cassis... Transport

For the Calanque of Callelongue: bus 20