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The Beaches of Marseille

The beaches of Corniche Kennedy

The Catalans Beach
This is the closest beach to the Vieux-Port, it is the ideal place to relax on the warm sand and enjoy the delights of water at 25 ° C after a walk in the Old Marseille.

The Prophète beach
The famous beach of Marseille, located on the Corniche Kennedy, it is busy at summer day or night. It mixes sand and rocks. Beach volleyball areas areas are available.

The Prado beaches

The Prado north beach
Located in the South bay, it is part of Gaston Deferre beaches. The pebble beach offers a pleasant environment for swimming. It is not uncommon to see families taking a walk. Regularly, demonstrations or sports events are organized for the delight of the spectators.

The Prado south beach
Also called "Le David" it offers the same privileges as its neighbor of Le Prado north beach. This beach is fully accessible to people with disabilities and there are lovely walks in the evening.

The beach of l’Huveaune
This sandy beach is easily accessible and is located halfway between Le David round-about and Escale Borély.

The beach of Escale Borély and the beach Bonneveine
There are two beaches, the Borély beach, adjacent to the beach Huveaune and the beach Bonneveine. Located next to the Escale Borély, they are the place of rendezvous for kites, walkers and swimmers. The area is reserved for bathing. Many private beaches offer their services to vacationers.

The Pointe Rouge beach

The Pointe Rouge Beach
The pointe Rouge beach in one of the rare sandy beaches in Marseille. It is ideal for children as shallow for several meters, making it a family place. It is also a common spot for windsurfers.

The Madrague and the Goudes beaches

Bain des Dames beach
This small beach of sand and shingle lined with cabanas, offers superb views over the bay of Marseille. It is located after La Pointe Rouge.

The Abri Côtier beach
Also called “Anse des phocéens”, this small and quiet beach is located after La Pointe Rouge and Bain des Dames. It descends the stairs, not very practical with a stroller... The beach is narrow but the water is beautiful.

Anse des sablettes beach
It is a pebble and sand beach also called “Plage du Colombet”

The Verrerie beach
This very nice beach hosts many swimmers in summer. Also in the evening, it is very crowded. Located after La Pointe Rouge, it becomes, when the conditions are met, a very interesting spot for surfers.

The Maronaise beach
This is a family beach where scuba-divers are numerous. It is the last beach before accessing the area of Les Calanques. Small sandy beach, it is located right after Les Goudes village.

The Éstaque and Corbière beaches

Fortin beach
Located in the north end of Marseille, at the edge of the town of the Rove, the pebble beach of Fortin is one of the few beaches in the northern suburbs of Marseille. The atmosphere is very pleasant and popular.

The Lave beach
Located at the end of city north of the bay of the Estaque, The Lave beach is the second sandy beach with the beach of the Batteri of the northern suburbs of Marseille. The atmosphere is similar to that of Fortin, ideally located.

The Batterie beach
Located in the north bay of the Estaque, the Batterie beach is a sandy very friendly beach. The atmosphere is also popular. Like other beaches Corbière, it is proved to be a pleasant place sheltered from the mistral wind.