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Water Taxi


This season is over. Come back next year!

Vieux-Port <> la Pointe Rouge
Vieux-Port <> l'Estaque
Pointe Rouge
<> Les Goudes


Embark on RTM maritime shuttles RTM, between the Vieux-Port and the Pointe Rouge or L'Estaque and Pointe Rouge to Les Goudes, find our teams welcoming you and guiding you in the right mood for a taste of holidays.




The 2017 season is over now. Come back next year!




Crossing €5 : Vieux Port <> L'Estaque, Vieux-Port <> Pointe Rouge et
Pointe Rouge <> Les Goudes

- No possible match between the shipping lines.
- Correspondence with 1h30 bus, subway, tram, limited to one shuttle access.

Crossing €8 : Vieux-Port <> Les Goudes
- Correspondence with Pointe Rouge
- Correspondence 3h with bus, subway, tramway.
- Ticket sold on Transtick

Tickets on sale exclusively on board*.





More Information

- Departures will be provided according to the weather forecast.

To receive an email notification in case of service disruption, sign up at "Mon Espace" and subscribe to the Traffic Alert.


- Information RTM: 04 91 91 92 10